To help an SDR agency acquire high-profile press and podcasting placement in order to build credibility and authority in a saturated market.


Media Placement, Podcast Booking


We secured quality guest podcast bookings on top of a feature in FORBES for the charismatic CEO of Avadel.

“My company closed 8 new accounts off of one podcast alone, which totaled $56,000 in new MRR business.” – Dave Valentine, CEO of Avadel Agency

Dave now sees an average of 3.5 new clients for each podcast he appears on.


Avadel experienced an immediate surge in engagement and revenue as they saw:

to $1 ROI within 45 days of the Forbes publication


increase in the reply rate for their cold email marketing

extra booked appointments a month


of applicants report learning about Avadel through press placements

average of new clients for each podcast booking.


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