Press Kit for Bernadette Butler

Bernadette Butler is the co-founder of StoryTap Technologies, a video production company which has created and placed brand inspired videos that amass MILLIONS of views. She has been in the industry for 25 years and she brings a focus of empathy to her company culture. After creating a financial book club that grew to 500 members across 6 countries, Bernadette created StoryTap Technologies to be the first agency of its kind to make videos for brands, companies, and social media that share perspectives and experiences from across the world.

As a company StoryTap Technologies aims to increase brand conversion by 40% and decrease call center volume by the same amount. They have worked with over 20 enterprise customers such as Veet, KY, and UCLA, and the impact of their videos is felt globally. StoryTap creates data driven videos to scale and emphasizes the need for recession proof videos. They believe in using customers as advocates via video content for brands to tell their story. As a company StoryTap donates to the local food bank each year and they offer free services to nonprofits. They help refine brand websites with more video content and reduced typed clutter.


Earning millions of views on created video content

Representing over 20 enterprise customers, some of whom work globally

Implementing a one of a kind business model that is setting clients ahead of their competitors

Creating a internationally engaged book club with 500 members

To book with BERNADETTE BUTLER, email emma@empathyfirm.com.




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