Press Kit for Greg Rich

Greg Rich is not your average tech CEO. His journey in the world of customer service began at the age of 13, rooted in his family’s business. Unlike many, Greg’s pathway into the entrepreneurial realm wasn’t a childhood dream but an evolution driven by a combination of familial influence, personal introspection, and profound experiences. His first taste of technology was at a Bristol helpdesk, where he seamlessly integrated his passion for customer service with the tech world.

Greg sees technology not merely as tools or codes but as a canvas to create solutions that touch lives. His work in social housing and women’s shelters stands as a testament to this. Emphasizing the deeply human side of technology, Greg’s endeavors have always been about connecting, understanding, and elevating communities. As a musician and artist, Greg has woven creativity into the DNA of Vivantio.

This unique blend has led Vivantio to be heralded as an industry trailblazer, boasting over 100,000 daily users. With footholds in the UK, US, Europe, and Australia, its reach is global. But it’s a unique blend of creativity and heartfelt belief in the confluence of technology and humanity that make Greg and Vivantio truly exceptional—a beacon of tech innovation with the soul of an artist.


Created and launched Vivantio, one of the most trusted service management SaaS providers in 2003

Maintianed perpetual growth at Vivantio for the last 20 years

93% Customer Retention Rate

Expanded to over 100,000 daily users worldwide

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