Press Kit for Joel Freund

Joel is a serial entrepreneur who went from barely speaking English to successfully running multiple companies.

He started his career at a technology wholesaler and retailer where he taught himself English.

Working there, he saw the negative attitude his coworkers had towards work. However, he refused to subscribe to this culture.

Joel took a positive approach every day, and was quickly promoted within the company to a management position. This led him to be recruited as CEO of a National Telecom company. He was tasked with bringing the product to market, but the marketing budget was $0, so Joel turned successfully to LinkedIn as a free, organic tool to get his name out there and start conversations with the right people.

His continued disillusionment with the company cultures he was in time and again led him to realize that if he wanted to work in a truly healthy environment, he would have to create it himself.

After helping two companies (free of charge) with getting the most out of LinkedIn by using the expertise he gained from doing this himself for the telecom company as CEO, Joel realized he could merge his LinkedIn expertise with his desire to create a healthy workplace, and Fluex Media was born.

He realized that there were many B2B professionals out there who could benefit from building a brand, but they almost all had one or two problems.

1) They didn’t have the time to consistently create quality content and ongoing conversation on LinkedIn.

2) They didn’t know how to maximize the platform and get noticed by the right people.

Fluex specializes in building personal brands for executives at B2Bs on LinkedIn by using their proven content strategy and unique content creation process with a commitment of only 4 hours each month on the client’s side.

They don’t just provide content – they execute on research, custom strategy, profile optimization, posting, engaging in industry posts, growth of your network, relationship nurturing, testimonial collection, and analytic reporting; all included in a no-commitment monthly fee.

Since inception, they have scaled past 7 figures and currently manage some of the biggest personal brands on LinkedIn.


Founder and CEO of Fluex Media

Scaled Fluex Media past 7 figures since inception

Manages some of the biggest personal brands on LinkedIn

Managed the fraud prevention department at a technology wholesaler and retailer, developing and implementing software before it was widely available. Joel’s department reviewed an average of 44,000 orders per day, and over 90,000 during peak seasons, ultimately preventing over $100,000 of losses per day

Donated a kidney to a stranger and became an ambassador for Renewal, a non-profit dedicated to facilitating kidney transplants

Joined the board of an institution in New York providing financial assistance to people in the early stages of their career. Joel oversaw the multi-million dollar campus development project 

Directed the administrative office at a local school, which started small and soon grew to a student body of over 1,000. Joel managed the financial aspects (tuition, fundraising, government programs), HR, and systemization

As an agent at New York Life, Joel helped high net-worth individuals manage their investments and preserve their wealth. He sold close to half a million dollars in commissions during his first year alone, before being recruited as CEO of a telecom company

As CEO at a telecom company, Joel used LinkedIn organically to grow the company from $0 in sales to becoming recognized by all major distributors across the country

Helped countless business owners through business coaching and consulting, particularly with common challenges in leadership, team culture, organizational health, and accountability

To book with JOEL FREUND, email emma@empathyfirms.co.




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