Press Kit for John Teakell

John Teakell, an esteemed Federal Criminal Defense Attorney based in Dallas, Texas, is the founder of The Law Office of John R. Teakell. With an unwavering commitment to criminal defense, he leads a firm renowned for securing favorable outcomes, even in the most challenging and high-profile cases. Boasting a wealth of experience, Teakell has served as both a state and federal prosecutor, offering him a unique perspective on legal intricacies. Widely recognized for his expertise, he has been rated among the Nation’s Top 1% of Attorneys.

John has successfully defended hundreds of individuals charged with Texas Felonies and Federal Felonies, solidifying his reputation as a formidable advocate for justice. Beyond the courtroom, he has contributed to the legal discourse as a seasoned commentator on various legal issues, showcasing his multifaceted commitment to the field of criminal defense law.


Former Federal and State Prosecutor

Rated Nation’s Top 1% of Attorneys

Voted Super Lawyers for 15 years

National Trial Lawyers Association Top Trial Attorneys in Texas 2007 – 2023

Highlighted in Forbes and Fortune Magazines

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Ask Me About:

How did you transition from being a state and federal prosecutor to establishing your own criminal defense practice?

How does your experiences as a prosecutor contribute to your success in defending individuals facing white-collar charges?

Can you provide examples of non-traditional law violations (or “government-created” crimes) and explain why they might be perceived differently in the legal system?