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Ralph Hess is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Navigator Business Solutions, a computer software company that provides cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solutions. As the number 1 SAP cloud partner in North America, Ralph is making strides with hands-on, problem solving leadership in a technical industry. He prides himself for his ideology of “technology for business sake” so that his solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses.

Ralph has over 30 years of experience in helping companies solve their business problems with technology and is well-known within the SAP Eco System because of his success. His company has achieved 25% growth over the last two years and has served over 500 clients since its founding 15 years ago.

Ralph began his journey as an entry level programmer in the early 80’s and never looked back. He “caught the bug” and left college to take a $5 an hour programming job. From there, he founded his own firm in 1994 working as an IBM reseller. Ralph also has experience as a Microsoft and Epicor reseller. His first was one of the founding reselling channel partners for SAP, establishing the channel in the SME marketplace in 2004.

Ralph and his team have helped companies grow exponentially. As a company, Navigator Business Solutions helps businesses plan for growth with enterprise resource planning software and by optimizing company processes. Navigator Business Solutions brings a personal approach to understanding their clients’ business to know where they are, where they want to be, and how to get them there. They focus on a few specific industries including life sciences, consumer products and distribution for supply chain optimization.

Ralph leads Navigator’s work in the SAP M&A Ambassador Program, a consortium of SAP and SAP Partners supporting Management Consulting, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Mergers and Acquisition firms and their Client Companies throughout the investment, digital transformation, and growth stages of the business lifecycle.


Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Founding Member of SAP Partner Advisory Council

Helping over 500 clients grow their business

Leading his company to achieve 25% cloud ERP growth for two years in a row

Implementing a personal approach to addressing businesses’ needs

Guiding his company to become the number 1 Partner in the mid-market for SAP

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