Gavin Lira’s Story: A Empathy Firm Co-Founder

June 18, 2023

When you hear the name Gavin Lira, you might immediately associate him with The Empathy Firm, the innovative company he co-founded. Yet, what most don’t know is the compelling journey that shaped Lira into the entrepreneur he is today.

Born and raised in the cozy town of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, with a population of just 6,000 people, Gavin’s early life was steeped in the values of a tight-knit community. His immediate family comprised his brother, Grant Lira, and his parents.

In his youth, Lira’s predilection for helping others was unmistakable. From the young age of middle school, he spent late hours on Kik Messenger, providing emotional support to his peers. This was Lira’s first real experience acting as a therapist, where he honed his empathetic skills, providing compassionate and practical advice.

As Lira transitioned into high school, he continued his love for sports, mainly basketball and football. But his life took a turn when he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship during his junior year. A serendipitous encounter with a YouTube video titled “How I started an online business with $0 Down” piqued his interest in drop shipping – his entryway into the world of e-commerce.

However, success didn’t come easy. His first venture didn’t take off as he’d hoped. The only sale he made was to his mother. This was a humbling experience for the straight-A student, unused to the taste of failure. Yet, he didn’t falter. Instead, he dusted himself off, learned about Facebook ads, and launched another e-commerce store. This time, he broke even.

With newfound confidence, Gavin started a marketing agency and a podcast. The latter provided a platform for him to interact with individuals who mirrored the success he desired and the expertise he sought. The agency, on the other hand, was a success, where he made profits by running Facebook ads for local businesses.

Later on, one of his podcast guests introduced him to the world of PR and public relations. This is when Gavin and Grant Lira legally started The Empathy Firm. Around the same time, he took a bold leap of faith. Gavin dropped out of college and invested $16,000 he barely had into a course that would boost his agency. This gamble paid off and the agency grew rapidly, a trend that has not faltered since.

Post-college, Lira relocated to Vegas for business purposes. He has since been featured in reputable outlets like Forbes and Entrepreneur, delivered a TEDx Talk, and spoken at international events in countries like Pakistan. Always on a quest to self-improve, he actively pursues spiritual development through practices like Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi.

Throughout his journey, Lira’s main focus has always been ‘client delight.’ He firmly believes that a delighted customer is at the core of any successful business. He cites a paraphrased quote by Warren Buffet: “There’s never been a business that has failed, that had thousands of delighted customers, and you get them one at a time.”

Gavin Lira’s love for product development, intertwined with his passion for leveraging AI’s capabilities, is now the driving force behind The Empathy Firm. He is captivated by the numerous opportunities AI presents in helping people in a consistent manner, all while backed by the human ability to discern good from bad.

Gavin Lira’s story is a testament to determination, resilience, and a deep-rooted empathy for others. It’s a story that reminds us that success isn’t just about financial gain; it’s also about the difference we make in the lives of others. Through his journey, Lira has shown us how empathy, coupled with entrepreneurship, can lead to profound success.

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