Gavin Lira and Grant Lira, to Release Book, “Sound Profits”

June 19, 2023

If there’s one thing that Gavin and Grant Lira, co-founders of The Empathy Firm, know a thing or two about, it’s podcasting. With a track record of booking over a thousand podcast appearances for their clients, the brothers have successfully mastered the art of using podcasts as a platform for sales and brand growth. In their forthcoming book, “Sound Profits”, they promise to lay bare the strategies they’ve used to achieve such success.

In “Sound Profits”, the brothers delve into how to land podcast appearances and effectively transform these opportunities into potential sales and increased brand visibility. They share their insights based on years of experience, providing readers with the quickest and most effective methods to secure quality bookings. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

One of the unique aspects of the Gavin Lira & Grant Lira’s strategy lies in content repurposing. They encourage podcast guests to leverage their long-form video content into bite-sized content pieces for social media platforms. From Instagram reels to YouTube shorts, they highlight the potential of these channels to significantly amplify brand growth.

In the digital age, efficiency is key, and the Lira brothers understand this better than most. Throughout their book, they emphasise the use of AI in streamlining and optimizing content repurposing. They explain how AI can be used to generate blog posts from podcast transcripts, clip out engaging parts of a podcast for YouTube, and even grow Twitter and LinkedIn presence.

However, they are quick to point out a common pitfall. They acknowledge that the use of AI often results in generic content that doesn’t resonate with the brand voice. The solution they offer is in the source of the data – the podcast transcripts themselves. By using the original content from the podcast as data for AI, the resulting content maintains the authenticity of the speaker, making it much more engaging.

Another critical element of the Lira brothers’ strategy is the ‘Michelangelo system’. Named after the renowned artist, this system encapsulates their approach to using AI for editing short form video content. By letting AI do the heavy lifting of identifying the most captivating clips and executing most of the editing, creators save valuable time and energy. This approach allows for quick touch-ups and adjustments, rather than extensive manual editing.

But “Sound Profits” goes beyond the technical aspects of podcasting and content repurposing. The Lira brothers discuss at length how businesses can craft compelling offers on podcasts without coming across as too salesy. They demonstrate how to balance short-term monetization efforts while nurturing a brand’s long-term growth, all while keeping the audience content.

Moreover, they extend their advice to the sales team, demonstrating how to leverage podcast appearances for potential prospects. They provide insights into reviving stagnant conversations and converting those into successful sign-ups. In essence, “Sound Profits” presents a comprehensive roadmap on utilizing podcasting for sales, brand growth, and audience engagement.

“Sound Profits” promises to be an enlightening read for anyone keen on leveraging podcasting as a growth strategy. With their no-nonsense approach, pragmatic advice, and proven strategies, Grant Lira & Gavin Lira have laid out a playbook for successful podcasting and content repurposing. One thing is certain; the release of “Sound Profits” is poised to disrupt the world of podcasting as we know it.

Keep an eye out for “Sound Profits” and prepare to embark on a journey that promises to revolutionize your approach to podcasting and brand growth. Happy podcasting!

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